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Traditionally security controls have focused on blocking, stopping or preventing attacks - but what happens if the bad guys can outsmart the tools put in place to prevent them? Visibility into your network is as important to an effective security strategy as watertight defences.

Our team of experienced security professionals will provide businesses with the knowledge and experience to effectively select and implement the tools and strategies required for everyday information security strategies. Combine industry-leading tools with a wealth of ‘hands on’ experience and we are well placed to deal with all your security operations. SmartSECURE®️ provides our clients with end-to-end visibility, detection and response capabilities with 24/7 staffing.

Our Event Management service focuses on these four security controls: Log Aggregation, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Security Analytics & Incident Response, and Security Orchestration. 

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Fortify your security controls & their management with SIEM cyber security solutions

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Supercharge visibility

Powerful tools allow real-time network visibility of malicious activity.

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Total integrations

Integrate your new security controls with preceding technology and with existing controls.

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Be compliant

Be able to identify, isolate, remediate & report threats in line with new disclosure laws.

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Be responsive

With our Security Incident Response Plan or choose our Response Managed Service.

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See the unseen

The latest tech like AI and Machine Learning help understand abnormal activity and prevent attacks that traditionally have been unnoticed.

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24x7 SOC

Our 24x7 state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre provides our analysts with access to the latest tech to keep your business safe.

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Automate & save time

Security Orchestration reduces man hours and response time from days to minutes.

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Experienced team

We combine experience with industry leading tools and techniques to protect your business from the latest cyber threats.

“The new platform is continually kept up to date with categorisation and profiling of new threats and classification of existing traffic. Being able to focus on what is actually happening rather than reacting to close a new threat has saved a lot of time. Being able to see where our compliance was not 100%, we were able to act early and educate our people on the dangers and implications of not following our policies. This has helped us pro-actively understand patterns and educate our staff about the risks of the Internet, before we have a serious incident.”

David Lucas

Customer Solutions Manager, George Weston Foods

Our SIEM solutions checklist

  • Real-time log correlation
  • Threat intelligence
  • Log management
  • Real-time threat management
  • Network & user anomaly detection
  • Incidence response plans or Managed Service option
  • Automation playbooks
  • 24/7 support

Our enterprise SIEM partners

We partner with leading SIEM vendors so you get the best solution for your business every time.

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