Authentication and Access Control

Validating business application users and making sure they can access only what they need to is a foundation of enterprise protection. The importance of enforcing access on a “need to know” basis becomes increasingly important as networks become more accessible via remote access methods.

Should an enterprise asset become compromised by an adversary in one area, having strong authentication controls make it much harder for them to move laterally around a network and reduces the likelihood of business-critical systems and data being compromised.

The principle of least privilege account management is an enterprise defence in-depth strategy which safely manages the elevation of system account privileges for trusted users and administrators.

Our Authentication and Access Control capability looks at the following security controls: Multi-factor Authentication, Identity Based Networking, Privileged Account Management (PAM), and Identity Access Management and Single Sign On (IAM & SSO).


Know who's on your network & what they're accessing

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Know who's accessing your network

Verify the user’s identity at the time of login, ensuring the person logging in is who they say they are and not a hacker.

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Added security

Remove the risk of using passwords for your most sensitive systems.

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Safeguard credentials

Application passwords and SSH keys can be automatically rotated based on policy without impact to application performance or downtime.

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Be compliant

Meet compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, ISO2700:1, SOC compliance, APRA, ISM.

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Automate processes

Automate onboarding and off-boarding user identities, saving time and empowering HR to provide role-based system access to staff. 

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Device management

Get visibility of the devices coming on and off the network, implement policies, quarantining and isolation techniques to manage devices.

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Experienced team

We combine experience with industry leading tools and techniques to protect your business from the latest cyber threats.

Gilbert + Tobin
“Our first engagement with The Missing Link was for a full security review and penetration test throughout our entire environment. We used The Missing Link to identify what our risks and exposures were and what we needed to do to resolve those. The Missing Link came onsite to undertake that work. They were very consultative, dependable and accurate and they presented a roadmap for us going forward.”

Mitch Owens

Chief Information Officer, Gilbert + Tobin

Our service checklist

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Role-based Access Control
  • On-network device management
  • Privileged Account Management (PAM)
  • Identity Access Management
  • Single-Sign On
  • Role-based Access control
  • 24/7 support

Technology partners

We partner with over 100 leading-class vendors so you get the best solution for your business every time.


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