Red Teaming: what is it and why do you need it

Protecting your organisation against increasingly sophisticated security threats is a significant daily challenge. At The Missing Link, we’ve introduced Red Teaming to verify the effectiveness of your existing security, improve your team’s capability to mitigate risks and bolster your defences against cyber attacks.

The term ‘Red Team’ originated from military and intelligence operations. The Red Team was the offensive team who would challenge the defensive plan and find the gaps so that defences could be improved.

In cyber security, ‘Red Teaming’ involves multilayered testing of all aspects of your organisation’s information network and devices, its physical assets, its processes and its people to identify vulnerabilities and gaps that could expose it to damaging security breaches. Performed by our team of sophisticated ethical hackers, our attack simulations also test the way your organisation would respond to a real threat.

Essentially a Red Team lets you put your security to the test of experienced hackers with zero fallout, combined with the advantage of learning how to improve your defence and response. Learn more about what Red Teaming is and why you need it here.

Armed with critical threat intelligence following a Red Teaming operation, you’ll be better able to:

• Drive improvements in all areas of security
• Create contingency plans in the event of a cyber attack
• Improve your organisation’s defence capabilities

Download our research report, 'Red Team Attack Simulation: Want to get hacked, without being hacked?' to learn more about Red Teaming and how it can improve your security posture. 

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Red Teaming vs Penetration Testing: what’s the difference?

While Pen Testing is undertaken in partnership with your IT team, to be most effective, Red Teaming operations are often carried out without your security teams’ knowledge. Our Red Team will simulate a ‘real-life’ attack by malicious hackers, exposing any gaps in your security but also testing your response capabilities.

Penetration Testing uses software to test specific applications or customer-facing network environments. Whereas, Red Teaming operations take a broader approach using social engineering exercises as well as physical security and network attacks to assess your organisation’s defences and responses. From your security cameras and alarms at physical entry points to your fixed and mobile devices, your servers and your networks, we can develop customised strategies to identify, target and breakthrough gaps right across your organisation.

And, while Penetration Testing can be over within a week, providing you with direction for immediate remediation, a Red Team operation often takes place over several weeks or longer depending on the engagement. At its conclusion, you’ll benefit from a more in-depth assessment of your current level of security and your organisation’s capacity to respond. You’ll also acquire a thorough, step by step plan for improvements, supported by the expertise of industry experts to guide the implementation.

ENT_Security Assessment_Identify Weaknesses

Identify weaknesses

Gain an understanding of weaknesses that would allow an attacker to gain control of your systems or data.

ENT_Security Assessment_Test your 22blue team22

Test your blue team

Evaluate the strength of your defensive controls while responding to an attack.

ENT_Security Defensive_Enhance Existing Security Investments

Enhance existing security investments

Integrate with and enhance current security tools with security intelligence context to help prioritize alerts, and investigate and respond to threats.


ENT_Security Assessment_Hacker View

Award-winning team

Put your defence to the test with one of the most experienced and awarded security team in the country.

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"A Red Team engagement consists of many little battles, some won, some lost, and that’s when you start to appreciate what you do well, and what needs improvement. Importantly, the team at The Missing Link are incredibly skilled and 100% emotionally invested in the challenge. We know we will be tested, and we know that The Missing Link team will beat us several times along the way, and that’s great – we learn, and we don’t make the same mistake twice. The whole exercise is really a lot of fun.

A key benefit for us is it allows us to test the response of our other digital security vendors. It’s almost impossible to validate the ROI for most of these products without subjecting them to very thorough testing.

The Red team exercises are brilliant, the IT team love the experience, and it raises their level of engagement. We’re really looking forward to the next exercise."

Hugo Evans

IT Security and Platforms Manager, Sparke Helmore Lawyers

Benefits of our #RTaaS

With stealth and expertise, our Red Team will simulate a real-life cyberattack, from start to finish (without the devastation). It’s the non-threatening way to verify your strengths and identify, then rectify, vulnerabilities that could expose your organisation to a major security disaster

  • Increase your cyber resilience
  • Assess the individual layers of your security
  • Reduce your business risk
  • Enhance your teams' understanding of security
  • Strengthen your processes
  • Protect against malicious applications
  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Options to upskill prior to Red Teaming
  • Gain round-the-clock access to global experts

Red Team webinar 

Learn how Red Teaming can challenge and strengthen your security posture.

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