Is Your Business Disaster Ready?

When a disaster strikes your IT environment, you want to be in control — not scrambling to make important decisions. And while it's more likely than you might think, being prepared is surprisingly affordable. Take our quick test and see how disaster ready your business is.


Human Error

Human error is the largest and most unaccounted for threat to your IT and business data. If you don’t have the right systems in place, all it takes is one absent-minded person to make an honest mistake that results in catastrophe.


Physical Disaster

Physical disasters can never be predicted, we all hope they never happen, but when they do their effects can be devastating. They can be anything from power outages, to office fires, to floods and more.



Every year cybercriminals are becoming more brazen and sophisticated in their attacks, targeting businesses and their data for a quick, nefarious profit. Being the victim of a data breach or ransomware attack can spell disaster for any business — especially if you’re not prepared.

Can your IT systems withstand a disaster?

The interactive questionnaire below will help you determine the disaster readiness of your business IT systems. Don’t leave anything to chance — a disaster is more likely than you may realise!

Do you have a Disaster Recovery solution?

Almost there. We just need these details.

Your Disaster Recovery rating is very poor

If you’d like to continue operations well into the future, we suggest investing in Disaster Recovery measures with the help of an experienced IT advisor like The Missing Link.
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Did you know?


The average cost of unplanned system downtime is $550,000, while the average cost of data loss is over $900,000.


On average, a ransomware incident will cost a business more than $100,000 in downtime and recovery costs.


96% of businesses with a Disaster Recovery plan manage to fully recover operations after experiencing a disaster.

Why choose Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Standard Disaster Recovery replicates your entire IT environment, allowing your business to continue in the event of a disaster. With DRaaS, we manage the solution entirely — so you don’t have to worry about compliance, testing, or reporting.
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Disaster Recovery (DR) is not just backup

  • 1. Backup only saves a copy of your data; DR replicates your entire IT environment.
  • 2. DR restores your environment to a data centre or the cloud; backup offers no location.
  • 3. Recovery can take weeks with traditional backup; with DR, it can take less than 2 hours.

DRaaS vs Traditional DR

  • DRaaS has no setup cost, a predictable low monthly fee.
  • DRaaS is easy to scale — traditional Disaster Recovery does not scale easily.
  • DR is traditionally difficult to test, while DRaaS takes care of all testing, monitoring and reporting.

DRaaS is right for you if:

  • You have 5 or more servers, and on-premise infrastructure.
  • You have no DR plan or do, but want to reduce costs.
  • You need to maintain compliance and a low risk level.

How The Missing Link can help

Let us take care of your technology while you take care of your people, when disaster strikes we will have you covered. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is like insurance for your business, it's a small amount to pay for peace of mind.
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Customised DRaaS Solution

  • We’ll create a custom recovery plan for your needs.
  • All of your servers will be replicated and protected — both physical and virtual.
  • Ongoing health monitoring means your system is always in great shape.

Cost-effective Solution

  • $0 set-up fee.
  • Fixed low monthly fee means no hidden costs.
  • Three managed service levels means you only pay for what you need.

Our Certified Solution

  • ISO 27001: 2013 and ISO 27018 Certified
  • SLA-backed RTO of 2 hours guarantees availability and compliance.
  • Easily scalable at any time to suit your business needs.

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