Spectrum Medical Imaging's Strategic IT Transformation

  Spectrum Medical Imaging partner with The Missing Link

Spectrum Medical Imaging, a renowned independent radiology practice, operates across various locations in Eastern, Southern, and South-Western Sydney. Renowned for their cutting-edge imaging services, Spectrum encountered challenges with their in-house, small IT team, prompting them to seek assistance from The Missing Link. This case study explores the comprehensive IT solutions provided by The Missing Link, underscoring the significant impacts on Spectrum's operations and the evolution of their partnership.

Navigating the Digital Shift


Spectrum initially engaged with The Missing Link for general IT support, struggling with a range of issues due to their limited internal IT capabilities. A primary concern was their Active Directory (AD) setup, which was identified as requiring substantial improvement. Furthermore, Spectrum had a strategic business objective to transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 (M365), aiming to enhance its operational efficiency and collaboration.

Safeguarding the Future


The Missing Link commenced this collaboration with a detailed AD review, identifying and rectifying various issues to align the environment with best practices. Following this, The Missing Link integrated a managed backup service under SmartPROTECT, bolstering Spectrum's data security and recovery processes.

The migration of 380 users to M365 marked a pivotal phase in this partnership. The Missing Link managed the entire process, from scoping the project and procuring suitable licenses to executing the migration with thorough planning and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) involving key user groups. This transition was achieved within the set timelines, showcasing our thorough planning and execution capabilities.

“The personalised attention and tailored solutions provided by The Missing Link have been invaluable to our organisation. They tailored strategies to our unique needs, optimising our IT infrastructure and streamlining our operations efficiently. Their proactive system management has pre-empted issues, saving time, money, and hassle.”

– Brett Williams - Chief Information Officer, Spectrum Medical Imaging

The Road Ahead


The relationship between Spectrum and The Missing Link further evolved with The Missing Link assuming management of Spectrum's network, significantly enhancing the robustness and reliability of Spectrum’s network infrastructure. Plans involve expanding the managed backup environment and broader infrastructure management of Spectrum's server farm. Additionally, The Missing Link is in the initial stages of offering incident response services via our Security services, further strengthening Spectrum’s IT resilience.

“Beyond their technical expertise, the team at The Missing Link is a pleasure to work with. They are friendly, professional, and genuinely invested in our success. Every member of their team goes above and beyond to ensure that we are satisfied with their services, and it's clear that they take pride in what they do.”

– Brett Williams - Chief Information Officer, Spectrum Medical Imaging


Service Significance and Impact


The Missing Link's suite of services has profoundly transformed Spectrum's IT landscape. The smooth transition to M365 and the robust network and backup management solutions have enabled Spectrum to focus on their core medical services, alleviating IT-related burdens. This operational efficiency boost is a cornerstone of Spectrum’s ongoing success and client satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Partner


Spectrum's decision to partner with The Missing Link was influenced by The Missing Link’s expertise and their proactive approach to addressing specific IT needs. The ongoing support and relationship with The Missing Link ensure continuous network efficiency and data security, underpinning Spectrum's seamless IT operations.

The partnership between Spectrum and The Missing Link is characterised by mutual trust and respect, laying the foundation for future collaborations. The Missing Link’s commitment positions them as a reliable IT partner, integral to Spectrum's ongoing and future IT strategy.

Beyond Solutions


The collaboration between The Missing Link and Spectrum Medical Imaging showcases the transformative impact of tailored IT solutions. This collaboration has not only resolved Spectrum’s immediate IT challenges but also paved the way for their future growth in the digital landscape. It stands as a testament to The Missing Link's capability in delivering effective, client-aligned IT solutions, fostering a relationship built on trust and collaborative success.

Our IT services have transformed the way Spectrum Medical Imaging do business. Reach out to The Missing Link today to engage experts committed to delivering efficiency and launching your business into the future.