Case Study by Simon Bell - Cyber Security Program Manager, Lion Australia

The Background 

Lion is one of Australia’s largest brewers, employing more than 1,500 people all over Australia. Originating in New Zealand, we produce, market, sell and distribute many of our region’s favourite drinks, including beer, cider, wine, spirits, ready-to-drink products and a range of non-alcohol beverages.  

Our customers are worldwide, and as such, we access, share and capture masses of data that is both sensitive for our business and theirs. We all know the need to protect data from hackers, however at Lion we felt our risks of data loss were heightened – so many of our employees work remotely as they move around the country and even the world to service the needs of key accounts.   

The Goal 

We needed to protect our business with the highest level of IT security and be able to control access to data. However, within our fast-moving, highly competitive environment, we didn’t want to slow things down for employees who need quick and easy remote access to key accounts from their mobile devices. 

The Selection Process 

At Lion, we have a modestly sized IT departmentsupported by third parties. However when we decided that we needed a privileged access management service it was something we couldn’t do alone, so I asked colleagues in the industry for vendor recommendations based on previous experience of delivery.  

The Missing Link came back as a strong contender. It was evident that they have extensive experience delivering privileged access management services and a great depth of knowledge. They were able to foretell the steps required, where the potential headaches were going to be, and how to avoid them. 

Additionally, they were the right size for our organisation and, like our head office, are based in Sydney. That meant no time zone differences for calls and they could come out and meet with us on site. Our initial interactions were impressive – they were always professional, timely and friendly. And that’s the way things have continued.  

The Relationship 

Our relationship with The Missing Link has been positive from day one.  

We were new to privileged access management, so when they met with us to understand our requirements, they explained the process clearly and guided us through. The project has been smooth from initial scoping through to costing and implementation. In fact, there’s been very little involvement required from our team, which has meant that we can focus on our day-to-day work.  

Reports have been delivered on time, with a sufficient level of detail, and they’re always well communicated. The team, from project management through to tech, is approachable and always friendly. 

The Difference 

Working with The Missing Link to deliver a privileged access management service for Lion has been a great experience. Their level of knowledge, experience, and proactive approach to problem-solving have meant that the delivery has been achieved smoothly – they understand the technology and the challenges in implementing these controls into businesses like ours. 

I needed an organisation I could trust, and I have no regrets. The Missing Link has delivered the exact privileged access management service we needed.  


Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager