The Background

International Decision Systems (IDS) is the leading provider of software and solutions for the asset finance market. For over 30 years the company has offered integrated solution from origination through disposition and asset management, supported by an ongoing research and development effort unrivalled in the market space.

The Challenge

International Decision Systems (IDS) were experiencing rapid growth in their Sydney HQ. Their on-premise infrastructure was aging and could no longer serve demand. The local IT team were spending an increasing amount of time on maintenance which was taking them away from other duties. IDS were looking to ease pressure on local IT staff by not only updating their aging hardware but by having the capability to control IT systems from their Minneapolis HQ. To achieve everything on their wish list IDS came to the realisation that they would need to find a local IT partner to assist in purchasing hardware, co-locating new infrastructure and connectivity services.

The Partnership

IDS began their partnership search the traditional way and reached out to a number of local partners seeking quotes, ideas and looking for the best fit for their project.

“There were a few reasons why we chose The Missing Link. Although proximity was a consideration it wasn’t only that or their competitive pricing that pushed us over the edge. The staff we spoke to from the very beginning were professional, articulate and knew exactly what they were talking about. Early discussions instilled confidence in their ability to deliver the requirements of the project. Choosing The Missing Link was the best decision we ever made.”
- Craig Debban, IT Director, International Decision Systems.

The Solution

IDS were after a robust customised platform with lots of bandwidth and a local Sydney partner to deliver the solution. A colocation agreement allowed the IDS IT team to control their systems worldwide whilst utilising The Missing Link for onsite hands and feet as required. The agreement saw IDS provide the server, storage and networking components whilst The Missing Link provided the rack space, connectivity and installation services. The Missing Link also provided Project Management services to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

Project Delivery

Being locally based, the decision was made that The Missing Link were best placed to provide Project Management services.

“When The Missing Link took on the management of the project they gave us a succinct plan to get from A to B. They made it ridiculously easy for our team to each play their parts. We followed the project management plan step by step to get everything moving. IDS worked in collaboration with The Missing Link and we had absolutely no doubt in their capabilities along the way. They knew exactly what to do to make this work and we finished the project in record time.”
- Craig Debban, IT Director, International Decision Systems.

Business Benefits

The successful on-time delivery of the project now ensures that the IDS IT team no longer have to worry about power and cooling or maintaining legacy infrastructure. The new cost effective, scalable, robust IT platform which can be controlled remotely by the IDS team, has also created huge efficiencies for the company. With increased bandwidth, capacity and redundancy, IDS is now able to maintain and grow their client base, enabling them to provide a premium service to their clients. They have confidence in the security, redundancy and scalability of the co-location solution.


Bec Ney

Head of Marketing