Case Study by Nick Osborne - Enterprise Architect, Elenium

Our Background

I am an Enterprise Architect with Elenium, having worked with the company since it was established about four years ago. Elenium works globally in aviation, developing and supplying hardware and software to manage passenger and freight movements for both airlines and airports. Our self-service kiosks are deployed in Hong Kong International Airport, Sydney Airport, Auckland, Perth and more.

As you would expect, airlines and airports handle a huge amount of sensitive data – from payments to passports which brings with it all sorts of security implications. Yet many of the IT systems used in aviation are legacy – they were developed 30 years ago when the cyber security issues we face today simply did not exist.

We bring a modern approach to the market that takes advantage of the latest technologies in software and hardware to enhance the customer experience and maximise data security and safety controls.

The Goal

As a start-up with large contracts with some of the major players in aviation, we are focused on continuing to building our reputation, and a big part of that process is about being able to assure our customers that we are on top of the game when it comes to providing the security controls they need.

Prior to engaging The Missing Link, we had an internal IT team that was able to perform audits and we were confident of our data security. However, with growth in mind, we wanted the extra level of confidence that can only come from working with experts in the field. We also wanted to work with a group that could guide our processes going forward, with advice that could be distributed and implemented company and project-wide to improve our overall security posture.

The Selection

Throughout our procurement process, we looked at a broad range of suppliers, including big players with well-known reputations and smaller organisations known through personal contacts or referrals.

The Missing Link was the most responsive of all, from initial contact through to follow up. Within two hours of sending an enquiry, The Missing Link rep was on the phone to find out more about our needs, and a few days later we had an SOW to review and refine.

We were confident in The Missing Link that despite being smaller than some of the others we considered, they had the depth of expertise we need for growth, and we liked the fact that they have a sales and technical capacity here in Melbourne (where we are located) as well as in Sydney.

Our Relationship

We’ve been very happy with our choice throughout the project. Everyone at The Missing Link has been friendly to deal with and very approachable. Their service was responsive, and their solutions were exactly what we needed to meet our unique requirements. Within a few hours of the first issue being reported, we were able to patch and deploy the fix. We were provided with a step-by-step guide that was so clear we were able to patch the issue in three minutes. In an environment where we’re working with global organisations that expect issues to be resolved quickly, that’s great for our business. We know we can rely on The Missing Link and they won’t leave us exposed.

The Missing Link have also been an asset from an internal perspective. Our executives are focused on security controls, so it’s great to have the team on-board to help us articulate a concrete plan and understand the resources we will need to execute that plan perfectly.

While we can look online for security solutions – and find plenty of them – we feel confident that The Missing Link can provide us with the most effective solution for our unique needs. I appreciate the fact that The Missing Link team was able to execute on our requirements quickly and effectively, something that is invaluable for our fast-paced business needs.


Rudy Mitra

Marketing Specialist