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DGT Costs Lawyers transforming their IT Infrastructure with The Missing Link

DGT Costs Lawyers, a prestigious legal firm, and a long-standing client of The Missing Link for nearly 18 years has recently undergone a significant transformation and modernisation of its IT infrastructure and security, thanks to a suite of innovative solutions provided by The Missing Link.

Facing the Challenges of Outdated IT Infrastructure


For the past few years, DGT Costs Lawyers has been operating on ageing IT infrastructure with an outdated server hosting a bespoke application which prevented meaningful upgrades without prohibitive cost. It was recognised that this critical server was at risk of failure which would have had a significant impact on their operations. The firm needed a modern and cost-effective solution to transition its critical applications to a robust cloud-based environment while simultaneously enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Implementing a New Framework for IT Modernisation


Recognising the challenges and the critical business continuity risk to our long-established client, The Missing Link embarked on a multi-faceted IT overhaul for DGT Costs Lawyers, which included:

  • Microsoft Intune Deployment: This critical service provided a comprehensive Endpoint and Mobile Device Management Solution, allowing for effective governance, enhanced security, and rapid setup and deployment of devices and applications. Intune significantly reduced setup time for new users and devices while enabling remote management and wiping capabilities for lost or stolen devices.
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Integration with Microsoft Intune: This integration bolstered DGT Costs Lawyers' defences against security breaches and minimised the impact of any potential breaches within the organisation.
  • SharePoint Online Migration: Transitioning DGT Costs Lawyer’s data to SharePoint Online provided a robust, secure, and flexible cloud-based platform, enhancing collaboration and data accessibility.
  • Managed End-User and Infrastructure Support: Regular patching of devices and adherence to ASD Essential 8 compliance standards (Australian Cyber security Framework), including security awareness training, which further fortified the firm's cybersecurity posture.
  • Robust Backup Solutions: Implementing comprehensive backup strategies for their Office 365 suite, including emails, SharePoint, and OneDrive, ensured data integrity and availability.

“We embarked on a critical journey of IT transformation with The Missing Link, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Their innovative solutions, from Microsoft Intune Deployment to SharePoint Online Migration, have not only modernised our infrastructure but significantly enhanced our security and operational efficiency.”

Tristan Kontonis - Office Manager, DGT Cost Lawyers

Gathering the Benefits of Strategic IT Upgrades


The implementation of these solutions by The Missing Link had a significant positive impact on the efficiency, security and reduction of risk in DGT Costs Lawyers' operations. Notable benefits included:

  • Enhanced Security: The ability to remotely lock down and wipe devices added a significant layer of security. This was vital for a legal firm handling sensitive client information.
  • Operational Efficiency: The shift to a serverless, SaaS platform and the introduction of Intune streamlined operations, reducing setup times and operational costs.
  • Reduced Risk of Disruption: Migrating to a cloud-based server mitigated the business continuity risks associated with their ageing on-premises server, providing upgrade pathways, cloud backup solutions and a scalable, modern infrastructure that was not available before.
  • Compliance and Governance: Improved compliance with security standards (including ASD Essential 8) and better governance of their IT fleet.

Why The Missing Link?


DGT Costs Lawyer’s choice of The Missing Link as their Managed Service Provider (MSP) was influenced by a longstanding relationship spanning two decades. This enduring partnership, marked by trust and familiarity, was crucial. The Missing Link's role as a trusted advisor, coupled with our expertise in handling and modernising legacy systems, solidified this decision.

The collaboration between DGT Costs Lawyers and The Missing Link has evolved into a meaningful and constructive partnership. Regular interactions, including quarterly lunches and monthly meetings, have fostered a mutual understanding and respect, enabling The Missing Link to push for necessary technological advancements even amidst budget constraints. DGT Costs Lawyers has recognised the value brought by these changes, particularly appreciating the advantages of the Intune platform and the operational efficiencies that have followed.

“Through their expertise and unwavering support, The Missing Link has become a trusted IT Partner, guiding us towards technological excellence in the legal sector.

This enduring partnership, built on trust and mutual understanding over two decades, has truly unlocked new potentials and fortified our resilience in an ever-evolving landscape.

We are grateful for their commitment and proud to continue this journey of advancement together into the future.”

Tristan Kontonis - Office Manager, DGT Cost Lawyers

The Continuous Path to Technological Advancement


The transformation of DGT Costs Lawyers' IT infrastructure and security landscape is a testament to The Missing Link's commitment to delivering tailor-made, right-sized and cutting-edge solutions to its clients. This successful solution exemplifies how an enduring partnership, combined with a deep understanding of client needs, can lead to substantial improvements in security, efficiency, and overall business resilience, particularly in the sensitive legal sector. The Missing Link continues to be an integral part of DGT Costs Lawyers' journey towards technological advancement and excellence in legal services and we are proud to support this trusted partnership into the future.

Our IT & Cloud services have transformed the way DGT Costs Lawyers do business. Reach out to The Missing Link today to engage experts committed to delivering efficiency and launching your business into the future.