When your code is secure, you're secure

Securing customer data is essential for building trust in your business. It's all about mitigating risks from both internal and external sources and making sure your applications and underlying systems are protected from cyber threats.  

API security is critical to ensure the interfaces of different components of your application can’t be exploited by bad actors. Similarly, identifying and addressing any vulnerabilities or attack vectors are important steps to take to protect both open-source and proprietary software.  

Unfortunately, many businesses only realise they have insufficient application security controls when they experience a breach or hacking attempt. It's important to work with a trusted partner to get your application security up to par. Our security solutions and services can identify gaps in your security measures and recommend improvements. 


Secure Coding Bootcamp

Secure coding is one of the most important application security tools. So, why is it so under-explored? 

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Our applications security services

We advise on the latest SecDevOps best practices to prevent hackers from getting in, from developer driven threat modelling and application security testing tools to security-centric tests and checklists such as the OWASP ASVS. 

 new assessment
Application Security Maturity Assessment
Know your applications are secure and protect your business from financial and brand impact.
Application Security Training
Knowledge is power. Our training bridges the gap between software developers and your cyber security team.
 code review
Secure Code Reviews
Catch vulnerabilities before you build. Test applications from the inside. 
Offensive Security Services
Test your applications. Simulated attacks against your applications will identify and close any security gaps. 

Expert guidance from industry leaders 

Appsec Webinar LP
Secure coding is one of the most important application security tools. So, why is it so under-explored? 

Jack Misiura, Application Security Manager at The Missing Link, will speak about the benefits of secure coding, discussing how it reduces vulnerabilities, prevents attacks, and safeguards your users' data. He will also outline the most common mistakes developers make and how you can avoid them.

AppSec Editorial background
Secure application coding: the important, under-explored security measure. 

Gain insights into the increasing cyber security challenges faced by Australian organisations, particularly the rise in software vulnerabilities. Learn how The Missing Link's Application Security Training addresses these challenges by engaging developers with innovative, relevant, and practical approaches.

Secure your applications

Now is the time to anticipate and address application vulnerabilities for your organisation, including your APIs, open-source code, and proprietary code. 

1. Assess your Application Security and understand your maturity level.
2. Invest in a security-first mindset for your developers with Application Security Training.
3. Prepare your organisation against attack with Secure Code Reviews and Offensive Security Services.

The benefits of investing in a security-first mindset for your development team

Protect your reputation
Protect your reputation
Know your applications are secure and protect your business from financial and brand impact. 

Upskill your staff
Upskill your staff
Improve your development team’s secure coding skillset while helping retain staff and keep them engaged.

Meet compliance
Meet compliance
Exhibit compliance with specific standards to maintain customer trust and avoid legal or regulatory action. 

Perfect Partner Experience 

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