Case Study by Shaun Martin - Head of IT Security, Aware Super

The Goal 

Aware Super is one of Australia’s largest industry funds providing superannuation, advice and retirement solutions to those who teach, nurse, care, respond and help others in our communities. Maintaining the security of our members’ information is our highest priority. 

Our IT Security team is supported by a panel of industry-leading IT organisations that help to maintain the integrity and security of our technology and data systems.

We recently launched a new mobile app to provide our members with access to their accounts and other information and resources to help them make the right financial decisions. Ensuring and maintaining the security of the app has been a critical consideration for our Technology team.

The Selection 

The Missing Link made it through a very rigorous 3 step selection process, to be the chosen security partner for this project. Faced with an increasingly complex and digitally focussed business, we decided to engage a panel of IT security companies that we can choose to partner with for projects as required. To put that panel in place, we first went through an initial selection process, which involved selecting the ten best companies and then reviewing those before the second round where we cut that down to the final three who made it to our chosen panel, one of which was The Missing Link. 

The size of the service provider - was not the main consideration in the selection process. Instead, we looked at the quality of work and references from other companies. This philosophy has been proven to work for us quite a number of times in the past.  

The final stage of the selection process (with our panel of three IT security partners in place), involved evaluating the proposals from those three providers to manage the testing of our new mobile app and further ongoing testing for monthly product rollouts. 

Ultimately, we chose The Missing Link because they had the expertise in mobile apps that we were looking for, their price was right, they were exceptionally responsive to our needs and they came with impressive references from similar projects. 

Our Relationship 

Our experience with The Missing Link has been exceptional. Tom Naylor, our Account Manager, was easy to reach and responsive to our needs. He and the testers are great listeners, they are always open-minded, and they come back with suggestions that are well justified. We had some challenging requirements and tight deadlines. The Missing Link took it all in their stride and delivered everything that we asked of them. 

Having launched the mobile app, we started rolling out updates every month. We worked with The Missing Link to test the first couple of rollouts, then we decided to partner with them for the whole journey to ensure each release adheres to the strictest security measures.  

I would definitely recommend The Missing Link to any organisation looking to enhance their security posture.


Rudy Mitra

Marketing Specialist