Walk through the facilities of many businesses and instead of a single technology strategy, you’ll find evidence of a series of solutions to immediate problems, layered on top of one another over time, sometimes held together in creative ways.

Nobody is to blame — your applications change, operating systems change, physical locations change; it doesn’t take long before it’s a jungle in there.

Being part of the team which understands how it all goes together can be satisfying, but those remnants of legacy systems have a real operating cost in terms of floor space, power, maintenance and vendor relationships. It may be time to seek opportunities to consolidate; to apply unused capacity to needed tasks, to retire some assets and upgrade others.

It may also be necessary to consider virtualisation — adding the capacity to abstract your operations beyond physical infrastructure, so that you can scale more smoothly up, and down, without needing to over-invest to get there.

How do you tease apart the layers of your current system architecture to see a way through that jungle? The Missing Link can help by applying a wealth of experience in systems architecture design and planning, with businesses both large and small.

Watch our short video on Data Centre Virtualisation here.