iPhone: Hacked

Posted by Bec Ney on Jun 10, 2016 11:53:00 AM
Bec Ney

iPhone: Hacked

All the iPhone hacks you’ve heard about in one easy place.


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Get more storage without deleting anything
The latest iPhone hack to come out was a doozy, and it addressed a problem that we’ve all had at one stage or another, not enough storage on your phone to take that photo. One ingenious Redditor has figured out how to free up storage without having to delete anything.Navigate to movies in iTunes and select a file that is bigger than the amount of free space you have (free space can be checked in settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage), now ‘rent’ the movie, you will receive a notification saying you don’t have enough space on your phone (you won’t have to pay). Now, return to settings and you will see that miraculously your storage has increased – iPhone has automatically cleared all your superfluous junk to make more room for the movie.

We tried this twice and it worked!Free space was at 920MB, after the first failed download it increased to 1.3GB, after the second it got up to 1.6GB.

Need to charge your phone fast?
If you put it on Airplane Mode your phone will charge twice as fast, waiting for an important call and Airplane mode won’t cut it? Use an iPad charger, at 12W it charges your phone faster than a 5W phone charger.

Take photos & videos with the headphone or volume buttons
If you don’t know this hack by now you really should. Can’t hold your phone correctly and take the perfect selfie? You can use either of the volume buttons on the side of your phone to take a snap rather than the on-screen button, same with Apple or Apple compatible headphones – just click the volume + button while in camera mode.

Need a symbol or accent mark? Many of the keys on your alpha or numerical keyboard contain alternatives. All you have to do to access them is hold down the key and it’s alternatives will appear above – this is particularly handy for currency symbols, punctuation marks or when you need to send a text or write a word in another language (ever looked for the degree symbol? It's located as an alternative to 0).

Did you know your iPhone keeps track of EVERYWHERE you have been?... and how long you’ve spent there? If privacy is a concern to you, or you don’t want this information to get into the wrong hands it’s a good idea to turn this feature off. You can view what information has been saved by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. Check out how much your iPhone knows about you.... and then toggle Frequent Locations off!

Your iPhone can read messages and emails to you
If your busy and don't have time to read through emails, make your iPhone read your messages to you. To enable this feature, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Within that tab, select Speech, and switch on all the settings. Then go to your email, select the text you want read to you, and press Speak. Alternatively, you can swipe two fingers down from the top of the screen for your phone to read the entire contents of the screen.

Broken home button?
You can still use your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Assistive Touch. A button will appear in the bottom right of your screen that has as much functionality as your broken home button (before it was broken).

Regulate your data usage
If one particular app is chewing up too much of your data you can go to Settings > Mobile then scroll down to ‘use mobile data for’ now you can turn off any apps so they only ever update over Wi-Fi.

Enjoy night-time browsing?
Invert your colours for better night-time browsing without disturbing the whole room. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Your background will now be black and the text white. Much easier on your eyes and everyone else in the room.

Make use of offline Google Maps when travelling overseas
While you still have internet access search the area where you will be travelling too. In the search bar, type “ok maps” and the map will be cached for offline use, no internet necessary.

Do Not Disturb
You can turn your phone on to "Do Not Disturb” mode when needed. This is great for meetings, work hours, or a nap. Although most people know about this function, you probably don’t know that’s if programmable. Head to Do Not Disturb in Settings and then select ‘Scheduled’ you can add in times here when it needs to be activated and update other settings like if you want to receive calls from 'Favourites only' during those hours, or from no-one.

Stop Music with the clock
This is great if you like falling asleep to music, or if you like to work to music but need to stop at a certain time. You can stop music playback after a set amount of time. Go to Clock > Timer and set a duration then select the option “Stop Playing”….. this is great for kids parties too – think musical statues, pass the parcel etc.

Custom vibrations? If you need to have your phone on silent at work or school, you can customise vibrations for different contacts. To add a custom vibration to a contact, locate and open that contact and then hit edit in the top right corner. Go to Vibration (Default) > Custom > Create New Vibration and get tapping to make a new vibration for that contact. The new vibration can be named and assigned to more than one contact.

Battery running low? Turn off background app refresh, Bluetooth and turn down the brightness.

Need to see the exact time a text was sent? Swipe left to reveal that info on any message.

Quickly double tap the uppercase arrow to stay in caps lock mode (good for shouty messages).

Outsmart your autocorrect by typing an extra letter when trying to spell a contraction Wereee = We’re, Welll = we’ll, Itss = It’s.

Hit the spacebar twice at the end of a sentence to automatically insert a full stop, add a space and capitalise the next letter.

You can use ANY Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone or iPad turning it into a laptop. Handy!

Need a scientific calculator? Turn your calculator sideways.

Undo all typing with a sharp shake of your phone.

Need a level? Swipe your compass right and it turns into a level.

Sick of annoying ads during games? Put your phone in airplane mode to turn them off.

You're welcome.

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