The Work Stuff 

I grew up in sunny England and have worked in sales ever since I was a teenager selling houses. Thank you for continuing to read past me being an estate agent. My mum was a nurse and whilst working in sales isn’t of course anywhere near the amazing work nurses do, we do share the same compelling desire to want to help people.

My dad worked really long hours and spent a lot of time in the US, working for various software companies, sometimes for weeks on end leaving my mum with three young children – needless to say their marriage didn’t last, and I swore I would never choose to work as much as my dad.

Fast forward ten years and I am working just as hard as he was, maybe even harder and I now understand why. Sales isn’t nice lunches and drinking (although thankfully they are a bonus) it’s hard work, long hours and making sure you do absolutely everything your clients expect and more.

I started my IT sales career with a Danish electronics company and quickly moved to an Account Management position with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which at that point in time, was the number one or two in every market in which they operated in and was a company I had closely watched and admired ever since I was a teenager.

I sold servers, storage, networks, software and services via Channel Partners. Winning the Best Account Manager award in 2015, brought me a fair bit of recognition and suddenly I was presented with a couple of new job offers.

A channel partner organisation that I’d been aligned to drive their HP business for was keen to have me and they offered me the role of leading the company’s APAC region expansion, I was super excited, and a little nervous... I was off to Singapore with an amazing opportunity that would change the course of my career! I’m embarrassed to say this, but I wasn’t sure exactly where Singapore was back then, geography isn’t something I pride myself on!

The career move was brilliant, South East Asia is a very interesting place to do business and I grew so much from the experience. I was also given the opportunity to work alongside fellow Senior Leadership to spearhead the diversification of our global portfolio into security and software sales; and so my interest in Cyber Security was sparked.

Around the same time, I’d started winning some new clients in Australia and upon landing in Sydney for meetings the first time I just knew I wanted to live here! So, when I moved to Australia, I got straight into Cyber Security sales and before long I earned the not so lady like nickname of “Ellie-phant hunter” because I had identified and worked on a few large, complex projects for clients in a relatively short time frame.

Having recently joined The Missing Link I’m continuing to do what I love, building strong relationships and helping clients improve their security posture. I really enjoy helping my clients to solve problems, innovate and work securely. 


The Tech Stuff

Ironically, working in tech, I actually don’t spend much time on any ‘gadgets.’ I need to have my phone surgically removed from my hand/ear but otherwise I much prefer being in the company of friends, travelling or being outdoors and doing sports.

Apps-wise I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat and for the soundtrack to every day I use Spotify, but without a doubt the app which I use the most would be Deliveroo or UberEats - after a hectic week at work I certainly don’t want to cook! 


The Fun Stuff

I love catching up with friends but when I’m not doing that, I can be found exploring Sydney’s hotspots. Watching the sunset from the bar at the top floor of Hotel Palisade with a cocktail in hand is close to paradise for me.

Other than that, I love travelling and learning about different cultures and have visited over 35 countries so far. I loved Cambodia the most, it was one of the first places in Asia I visited after moving to Singapore from London where you're always on high alert for pick pockets. When I first arrived in Cambodia, I remember being really paranoid that the locals were only being so incredibly sweet and helpful because they were trying to lure me somewhere or steal something from me.

That was a real eye opener for me, it was incredible to be surrounded by so many people who had so little in terms of material things but were still so happy and willing to help others. The country has experienced so much hardship and still does, but the local people continue to treat people they meet with incredible kindness, they have such a positive outlook on life, I really wish there were more places like it! 

I come from a family who love adventure sports and at a young age I too was bitten by the adrenaline bug. Whenever I am back in Europe with my family, we are out wakeboarding or snowboarding, I love the feeling of being on a board and just going for it.

In this part of the world, I enjoy skydiving, bungy jumping or simply being outside on the beach, savouring the stunning Australian weather and soaking in the sun. 


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Rudy Mitra

Marketing Specialist