5 minutes with Sean Hopkins

Posted by Rudy Mitra on Jul 11, 2019 11:26:32 AM
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5 minutes with Sean Hopkins

In the beginning...there was music, LEGO and video games

I grew up slap bang in the middle of the UK in a city called Coventry (or simply ‘Cov’ if you’re a local lad…). A couple of things we are famous for include Lady Godiva, the phrase ‘Peeping Tom’ and the expression ‘Sent to Coventry’. Although I grew up in painfully mediocre surroundings, my family were anything but ordinary.

With a father who spent most of his time out on the road with rock bands (and whenever he was back in town insisted on wearing cherry red Doc Martins and band tee shirts amongst other whacky fashion decisions) and a mother who spent most of her time arbitrating squabbles between my three younger brothers, running the family business, putting on gigs (and running the house) our life was certainly a bit different from the majority of my mates.

I spent a great deal of time during my childhood in the back of cars and vans, and at gigs and festivals. I learnt what it meant to pay my way at a very early age by working at any event I was able to. This did, however, have the benefit of giving me access to a whole other side of the music industry that most people never see, let alone kids!

When I was a growing up, I had a varied set of interests. In the summer me, my brothers, and the neighbourhood kids would ride bikes and skateboards, play footy and climb trees, set fire to things, and all that other fun stuff.

In the winter, I’d hunker down inside. I always gravitated towards anything I could get creative with or take apart. Meccano, LEGO, even K’NEX, building random stuff from junk and dismantling broken devices to try and fix them (with varying degrees of success) were all on the list. I was always drawing as well, and then there were computer games.

I must have been about eight years old when we got a SEGA Master System 2, and it was the best thing my brother and I had ever seen. Things got even more exciting when we were occasionally left with the kids next door as babysitters, they would bring around their SEGA Mega Drive which was honestly better than Christmas.

As I got older my interests became a bit more refined - I kept skateboarding, drawing, and playing computer games. I’d also picked up a nasty guitar habit which I still haven’t managed to kick.


Getting serious…about making a mark

My aspirations as a child were different depending on the day; astronaut, racing driver, scientist, rock star…the list goes on. However, I did know that whatever I ended up doing I wanted to become the very best at it, no matter what.

Jobs wise, I was on stage coiling up cables for the family stage lighting business as soon as I could walk! I started getting paid as soon as I was able to contribute in a meaningful way and my first regular gig was operating the lighting desk at the local night club on Friday and Saturday nights.

It’s fair to say that my career was quite erratic before arriving in Australia.

I had cold calling jobs through college, then worked in kitchens after that. I moved to France on a whim and loved it - I started out working on campsites for an English company and ended up working with an Australian carpenter. In between that I was full-time musician, managed a bar, worked as a chef, and even a ski technician!

Since being in Australia I've worked in IT demand generation, as an enterprise database company BDM and, most recently, have moved up through the ranks here at The Missing Link from Inside Sales Executive to Account Executive.

I’d decided I needed to look for a role which gave me a real shot at progression and carving out a name for myself. I then spotted a post on LinkedIn, where Alex Gambotto was looking for an Inside Sales Representative. I got straight on the phone, and soon after found myself working with the most incredible, experienced and talented team of techos. Not to mention the amazing support team, marketers and management.

I'm in my clients’ corner 100% of the time, looking for the best ways to help them achieve their IT goals, and by extension, their business goals.

When I look at inspirational people, Steve Jobs comes to mind, but not for the reasons you might think. When he saw that first mouse prototype at the Xerox development lab, he instantly recognised the value of what he was seeing. But what I admire about Jobs isn’t just recognising the idea, but taking it, refining it, and getting to market first. You can have all the best ideas in the world, but it doesn’t matter one bit unless you can execute and deliver on them.


Getting personal - quick fire questions

Favourite gadget? Guitar capo.

Favourite app? Outlook – it keeps me up to date.

Favourite hobbies? I'm still playing guitar when I get a chance, writing songs and I occasionally get into running (mainly before race meets).

If money wasn’t an issue, where would you go? I wouldn’t mind a trip to space!

How do you spend your time on the weekend? You’ll find me in Manly. Going for a run or hanging out in the back garden around the barbeque with the neighbours.

Do you have any pets? No, but I love the neighbours’ dog. He's called Cheesy Mario (the kids named him, one name each) He's a Staffy/Pitbull cross, he's orange, and he's an absolute sook.

Best thing about living in Sydney? The ferry ride between the city and Manly, the sky is just unreal every time. We just simply don't have that back home.


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