The Work Stuff 

I was born in New Zealand. When I was 13, we spent our holidays in Australia, and I decided there and then that I wanted to live here once I finished school. Whilst I'm still very patriotic and a passionate supporter of the All Blacks, Australia is home now. 

Stealing milk money (yes, I'm that old) was my first form of income. However, after getting busted by the neighbours, I took up the honest job of delivering the newspapers on my bike. I'm still scarred from those cold New Zealand winter mornings, chased by dogs when delivering those massive Saturday morning papers. 

It's funny. I never really set out to work in the IT industry. As a kid, I wanted to make surfboards or become a radio broadcaster. 

I started working in a warehouse for a few years before I was promoted to a procurement role and then into a sales admin position. This was when I realised my passion for IT and a desire to progress into a sales role.  

For whatever reason, much of my IT career has been working for organisations that have gone through mergers and acquisitions. I have been through seven and thankfully not been made redundant. So it comes to no surprise that my role at The Missing Link came via an acquisition. Ten years on, I'm as happy as day one to work as an Account Director for this fantastic company. I enjoy meeting people and building a strong rapport with my clients. I love our organisation and being part of a wonderful team. No wonder that The Missing Link is one of the highest regarded and most awarded IT companies in Australia. 


The Tech Stuff 

I think in this industry, it's imperative to stay on top of the latest technology trends. If businesses in this industry don't evolve, they fall behind the market pretty quickly, and I think the same applies to the people that work in it. 

However, I know that I'm definitely better at selling technical solutions than I am at using them! I do love a good home theatre surround sound system, though. 

My favourite app is Rain Parrot because it helps me to avoid getting drenched when cycling, which I hate. Just make sure you turn off notifications for the hours that you're asleep! You'll know what I mean if you download the app. 


The Fun Stuff 

I grew up in a sport-loving family, so if I was not playing sports on the weekends or having training during the week, I was taking on Dad in backyard cricket. Many windows were broken, and of course, it was my fault and not the fact Dad's bowling was terrible. 

These days, I love cycling. It's my passion. If money wasn't an issue, I would ride as far as my legs could take me fuelled by coffee. Yes, I'm one of those lycra-clad cyclists you see in the coffee shops along the road.  

If I'm not out riding my bike, I value time with the family. We own a very energetic 40kg dog, so we enjoy getting out and finding walking tracks for him to burn off his energy. It has the added bonus of tiring out my 8-year-old daughter as well. 

I've travelled to many cities around the world, and whilst most of them have something amazing or unique about them, I honestly believe no other city in the world offers what Sydney does. Our open spaces, beaches, history, and national parks just make it such an amazing place to live in. I never get tired of the view as you fly into Sydney. 


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Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager