5 minutes with Emily Steele

Posted by Rudy Mitra on Feb 19, 2020 8:56:03 AM
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5 minutes with Emily Steele

The Work Stuff

I grew up in the tiny city of Invercargill at the bottom of New Zealand. I moved to Sydney in 2010 and now consider myself as half-Aussie (except when the rugby is on 😉). I started my career as a personal trainer, working in a studio and running bootcamps. I have always been passionate about the mental health field and originally wanted to pursue a profession as a psychiatrist. Through personal training, I realised that I could help people in a different way. By developing a significant focus on holistic wellbeing, I was able to treat people by preventing mental health issues rather than curing them.

Using trampolines, I ran a fitness program across Australia for four years. Recently, I spent one year on Lizard Island (250km north of Cairns) as an Activities Co-ordinator and Personal Trainer. Returning to Sydney from the island, I wanted to take a step back from fitness and move into the corporate 9-5 world. Not knowing which industry I wanted to work in, I walked into my interview for Security Admin Assistant at The Missing Link with an open mind. I met Sammy and Maddie and instantly knew that the culture at The Missing Link was a perfect match for me.

The women at The Missing Link have developed a mentoring program for young women in IT. I've worked for youth programs that inspire young people in the past, and it's so uplifting to see women empowering the next generation.


The Tech Stuff

Technology is an integral part of the modern world, and I couldn't survive without it. However, I'm much more of a mountain, hiking, jumping out of planes kind of girl 🤸. I survived a whole year without cell reception living on Lizard Island. It was an eye-opening experience to see that I could live without my phone (although not a choice I would make unless I had to).

Spotify and Audible are my most-used apps. I always have tunes or podcasts playing. I recently listened to the 3-Day Effect, a six-episode podcast on the science behind how outdoors improves our overall wellbeing – it's worth a look!


The Fun Stuff

When I was younger, I split the majority of my time between ballet, singing, music lessons and gymnastics. I ended up developing an interest in trampolining and spent most mornings, evenings and weekends flipping. I still like to bounce around for fun and recently took up pole dancing to increase my fitness.

My friends and I love trying new places to eat, and on the weekend, I enjoy finding new walking tracks to explore and go on hikes during the day. I also work at a nightclub in the evenings. If I have the weekend off work, you'll find me on a road trip or having a boogie somewhere.

This next part is not so fun…

In 2015 I had a scooter accident on the way to work, and it resulted in me needing two facial reconstructions and spending over a month in the hospital. I entirely put my fast recovery down to the support and encouragement I had from the company I was working for at the time. They offered me an incredible opportunity running my program across the country and held it for me until I had recovered.

Working at The Missing Link is such a rewarding role. The thing I love the most are the people, I've joined a hilarious, entertaining and supportive team who are all guns at their jobs. It's a fantastic environment to be in every day. In addition to The Missing Link, I have a wellness venture side hustle that I'm desperate to kick off in the next couple of years. I want to continue to help people who are struggling with their mental health through lifestyle changes but on a bigger scale. Watch this space! 😀


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