5 minutes with Dallas Silcock

Posted by Rudy Mitra on Mar 31, 2020 2:16:04 PM
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5 minutes with Dallas Silcock

The Work Stuff

In my younger days, I always dreamed of becoming a Pilot. My parents would take me out to Canberra Airport with my handheld frequency scanner on weekends and I’d sit listening to the pilots and air traffic control, watching the different kinds of jets land and take off. I have a passion for aviation and even to this day, when I hear an aeroplane flying overhead, I always look up with a little bit of envy thinking that could have been me.

My first paid job was at a local butcher. I would finish school at 3pm, ride my bike down to the local shops and spend 4 hours cleaning, washing up, and packing the stock away into the freezers. I would be paid $20 cash in hand and after my shift, I would go to the local video store and rent a video game and save the rest. 

I developed a keen interest in technology during high school, securing my first tech job at a local Internet Service Provider. There, I learnt everything to know about IT and as the years passed, I landed a role with Defence as an asset auditor, travelling the country with the team.

The roles I have had over the years have taken me to some amazing places around our great country including places like Darwin, Katherine, Perth, Cairns, Adelaide and even a place called Gove (I bet you don’t know where that is on the Australian map). My career has definitely exposed me to amazing technology and I have made some lifelong connections with equally amazing people in the process. 

Before I started my role here as the Security Operations Centre Manager, The Missing Link was the Managed Service Provider for my previous employer. Having spent 40 years in Canberra, I was excited for a change of scenery. I applied online via a recruiter for the role and the rest, as they say, is history.

I love working alongside all our amazing clients. The diversity of the different industries keeps things exciting, and I very much enjoy helping them through their cyber journey and working together to reach their goals.

Over my career, I have had the pleasure to mentor, coach and train some of the best cybersecurity talent available in Australia. I watch their careers with great interest and am proud of their achievements and accolades as they excel in the industry.


The Tech Stuff

I love tech if that wasn't clear already 😜 My hobbies and passion revolve around IT. Dabbling, fiddling and tinkering with whatever, wherever, to develop, understand, and further my experience in the IT field. One of my life's motto is to 'never stop learning', and in IT Security, learning is the most critical part of the job. I am always immersed in everything technology and love to find new ways to solve technical problems.

I don’t really have a favourite gadget as I have too many and the all are used equally for their own jobs but I do use the MyFitnessPal app on my apple watch to track my steps during the day. Monitoring how many steps I've taken makes me happy and it makes sure I remain fit and healthy, which is important.

Being in IT Security, I need to be across the latest technology, trends and developments in IT Security. I use a lot of different websites, forums and online resources to stay across everything that is happening, always staying one step ahead of the bad guys.


The Fun Stuff

My interests as a kid were motorcycles, sport, aviation, and computers. I spent most of my younger years outside in the fresh air, riding my BMX bike and dirt bikes professionally on weekends. During the school holidays, I would visit my grandparent's 11,000-hectare farm in Gunning, NSW. I was a curious kid, always wanting to discover new things and find out how things worked.

At the age of 17, I was selected to represent Australia in American football. I travelled to Hawaii to play in the senior division, one step down from The National Collegiate Athletic Association (College Football). NFL scouts were present from most NFL teams, to see the talent that Australia had sent. But sadly, we lost.

Being in my teens, my trip to the USA for American Football was an exciting one. I travelled with the Australian team who were all well over the age of 21. The team went for after game drinks to a popular sports bar in Honolulu. The drinking age in America is 21, and noting I was only 17, not only was I let into the sports bar but the bartender was so entertained by my accent that I got free drinks all night. Don't worry, I'm not endorsing underage drinking. I made sure to only order soft drinks and not beer as I was concerned about breaking the law in a foreign country, but the bartender quickly picked up I was not 21, yet he still let me drink all night for free. As the team left, I gave him a nod, and he nodded back and off we went.

Nowadays on weekends, I spend time with my kids, streaming Netflix and discovering everything Sydney has to offer. Sydney is massive compared to Canberra. There is so much diversity and things to do and see. There is plenty to keep us busy and a lot of great beaches, bushwalks, iconic landmarks to explore. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do it all.

With my passion for IT and technology, I definitely see myself remaining in Security. As someone who has put runs on the board, I want to stay a trusted partner and adviser to all within the IT Security community.


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