The Work Stuff

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a musician. I kickstarted that dream in high school by starting a band with my friends. We played for about seven years across NSW and also released a few singles and music videos. I was the lead guitarist and songwriter.

I always had an interest in studying business, and since I was about 15, I knew I wanted to go to university and study marketing. In the last six months of my degree at UNSW, I got a marketing internship, so I moved from part-time to full time when I finished my degree.

After studying and working at UNSW for six years, I moved to The Missing Link, which was a nice change of scenery, and it's been great ever since. My role at The Missing Link is Marketing Assistant; I love combining my passion for being creative with business, especially when working on campaigns! I like the challenge of working on projects and seeing them come to life.

My biggest inspirations would have to be all of the strong women I've had the privilege of working with throughout my career so far! They have all made an impact and inspired me to work hard to achieve my goals.

My most significant achievement would probably be when I joined a music collective called New Age Noise Collective in 2019, which focused on highlighting musicians and creatives in Western Sydney. We managed to organise our first-ever music event (booking the musicians, organising the stage, sound and lighting, booking a photographer, and promotion). It was a huge effort but really rewarding! Following this event, I was also invited to speak on a panel run by Electronic Music Australia, where I represented the collective on a panel discussion about prioritising community in the music industry.

The Tech Stuff

I wouldn't say I'm a huge tech freak, but I enjoy staying up to date with the latest technology. I also wouldn't call myself a gamer, but I did spend an embarrassing amount of time playing Animal Crossing on my Switch last year.

My favourite gadget would have to be my Fitbit. I am continuously tracking my life to see where I can improve – I geek out on tracking my runs, my daily steps, and my sleep.

I also love my AirPods, because honestly, who doesn't? This leads me to my favourite app, which is Spotify. I am always making new playlists, finding new music and listening to podcasts.

The Fun Stuff

I was born and raised in Western Sydney. My childhood was spent listening to and playing music - I also played netball for about 12 years, Tae Kwon Do for 6 years and really liked film photography.

Nowadays, I have a few hobbies (probably too many); I've been slowly writing music and teaching myself how to produce music over the last few years. Hopefully, that turns into something I can release shortly. I also bought roller skates during lockdown last year and have a newfound passion for doing my own gel manicures with nail art.

On weekends, you will find me grabbing a coffee, taking my dogs for a walk, spending time with my friends and family, or going to a gig. My dream day would be getting up early, getting outside for a walk/run and then working on any kind of creative project!

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Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager