Did you know;

By 2019 there will be 11.5 billion mobile connected devices in the worldi?

53% of emails are opened on a mobile deviceii?

Becoming a mobile-enabled organisation is a modern business requirement, we are living in an always on world. Being mobile-enabled is more than just deploying devices to staff, it’s a complete IT architecture. Mobility creates improved productivity, greater efficiency and more responsive interaction, and it should be strategically adopted.

Mobility wears many different hats, your business could support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, choose a complete Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy or even support a combination of the two. Each organisation has different needs where mobility is concerned as no two businesses work in the same way. If your business has ever asked these questions; can I migrate from laptops to tablets for corporate devices? How do mobile devices connect securely to the corporate network? How do I secure and manage mobile endpoints? Should we support BYOD? Do we need a mobility strategy? Our experienced team of solution designers is here to help.

We can:

> Make business information accessible whenever you need it

> Find the right devices that suit the needs of your team

> Provide a complete IT architecture for your desired mobile strategy

> Integrate your mobility solution with existing operating systems

> Keep your critical information secure

> Help you effectively collaborate from anywhere at any time.


Mobile Device Management

Centrally managed business issued and employee owned devices for corporate access.

Our team can find the right devices to suit your business requirements, consult with you on corporate policy, ensure you have an effective network in place, secure your data and look after the ongoing management of your devices.


Bring Your Own Device

Personal devices, corporate access and policy.

Surveys indicate that businesses are unable to stop employees from bringing personal devices into the workplace so instead of resisting the movement, it has been adopted as a mobility strategy. Some research suggests that BYOD makes employees more productive and says it increases morale and convenience. With around 95% of employeesiii stating that they use at least one personal device for work, BYOD has organically grown into a mobile strategy for some businesses.

Our team can consult with you on BYOD policy and compliance, network enablement, data security and business compatibility.


An end to end approach to Mobility

Whatever mobile business strategy you wish to implement, the outcome is the same: the mobilisation of corporate applications and data for anywhere and anytime access. Whether your organisation requires mobility for flexible working arrangements, increased collaboration or more responsive transactions an end to end approach will get you to your desired outcome.

1. Develop a mobile strategy and functional corporate policy

2. Analyse and implement mobile network infrastructure as required

3. Secure critical business information, applications and devices

4. Deploy business applications such as email

5. Implement your mobile and data platform

6. Ongoing management of mobile devices, infrastructure and network service

Wherever your business is on the path to mobility, we have the experience and expertise to help you along each step along the way.

The path to mobility requires a holistic approach right from mobile strategy through to enablement. Our team will walk you through each step from developing a mobile strategy and establishing corporate policy to creating a secure mobile environment, enabling mobile applications, implementing the right platform and supporting your business once you become mobile-enabled.  


Mobility Security considerations

Security measures and user policies will need to be adapted on a business by business basis; some businesses password protect sensitive information, encrypt sensitive data, do selective wiping of a device when an employee moves on from the company, and limit access to employees at certain times. Innovation has made available privacy compliant Apps that offer secure messaging of sensitive information between parties. A policy will need to reflect what is most important to you and your clients, international research reveals that only about 20% of employees have signed a BYOD policyiv.

We have a dedicated team of award-winning security specialists who can be engaged at any stage of your business mobilisation. Security considerations are fundamental to the planning, migration and ongoing management of The Missing Link’s business mobility solutions. A full list of our security offerings can be found here.

The Missing Link is here to help you save time and money on today’s needs and plan for the future. Call us on 1300 865 865.

References: i Cisco, VNI, 2015  ii Experian Marketing Services Q3 2014 Email Benchmark Report  iii  iv


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