Ali Kaabi

Solutions Manager

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: working hard for something we love is called passion”.

This statement has been my driving force in work and life since the very beginning of my professional career, which was working at Microsoft’s helpdesk having just graduated from the University of Western Sydney.  

Since those early days, I’ve worked at several organisations, including Fujitsu, where I progressed to a project leadership role before joining a leading metal recycling/manufacturing organisation. I followed this appointment by working with a fast-paced professional service provider (acquired by Telstra now), before joining Seven West Media (Seven Network) where it was my job to establish and develop the delivery team. 

In 2019, I started the next chapter of my working life, managing the project management office at The Missing Link. I found myself working with some amazing people and having the opportunity to inspire and further develop them. In doing so, I also find myself growing and developing, as I tend to draw inspiration from people around me – whether it’s a colleague, a manager or simply someone I come across who takes that extra care or creativity to do their daily job.  

Outside of work, I love playing sport (football, squash) and following my favourite team. But my ultimate passion is to mentor and coach others. I’ve realised that regardless of where life takes me, I will continue to carve new paths and enable people around me to reach new heights. 


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